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I highly encourage all who are interested in becoming a Life Coach in specific areas to take Dr. Jami Epstein classes.
He has spent his entire life studying Psychotherapy and a Professional in areas of Addiction, Relationship and many other areas of Depression and Anxiety Illnesses. I received my Certification from Dr. Jami Epstein. He continually mentors and supports my Coaching abilities. Learn from the best!!!
I'm a bit speechless because if anyone knows my story they know how much this means to me. God has truly saved me and transformed me. Dr. Jami Epstein thank you for allowing me to be your student and for your remarkable teaching in a profession you have Mastered. It was an Honor to be taught by you and I'm forever grateful. Thank you for Believing in me.
It is a blessing to know you Iris ThirdQueen Williams and your Testimony is going to change lives beyond belief. It is no coincidence that we all were hand chosen for Dr. Jami Epstein class. He has a God-given gift we are fortunate to learn from. God bless you and now you're a friend for life and partners. Watching you grow is going to be amazing. You have come so far. Much love my dear. Sky's the limit.

Patricia Moore

Good evening, friends and family. You may want to look into these classes. I did, and I have earned the Designation of Certified Recovery Life Coach! The need is great, these days, for any of these courses you wish to take. Look into it. You won't regret it.

Iris Williams

I had the most pleasurable experience taking Jami Epstein course and have learned so much about my self and skills to be able to help and touch others this class was amazing I could not believe I could learn so much in such a short 3 day course I recommend this course for anyone interested in this field I feel he is the best out their as far as knowledge, I appreciate him taking time out of his busy life to have scheduled a course for a group of us so please visit his website and really think about taking his course much love and I can never repay you for the knowledge he has taught me so I want to praise him and give him prompts thank you, Dr. Epstein.

Steve Edwards

Just wanted everyone to know I had a very uplifting experience with a 3 day seminar with Dr. Jami Epstein I suggest any one interest in this type of work he is the most amazing teacher and was very clear on the subject I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to do this so think about it move ahead in our fight and get certified so we can really know what to say and do when we are helping others so once again I thank Dr. James Epstein for his time and willingness to spread his knowledge God bless. Much love and yes I passed!
Jami Epstein is an excellent instructor for getting your license in Life Coaching and the information he teaches will help your clients change their lives. I have enjoyed every bit of the course and rate him 5 stars. Thank you, Coach Jami.

Louise Michael

I have always been a health nut and loved food . I thought how great it would be to help people by teaching them to make better selections in the foods they eat . As a chef recovering from back surgery , I did not want to be on the side line not making any contributions to the field I love so much.
Dr. Jami Epstein suggested that I consider becoming a Health and Wellness Coach. Well I enrolled in his class, where he made it simple educational and fun. His class turned out to be a smart move on my part. I fell in love with whole concept of recovery as it pertained to food and coaching . He was very good giving the students all the right tools needed to be successful. It became clear to me that there was a partnership formed between Coach and client to find solutions to their problems . I highly recommend MY Life Coaching Center - NY and Dr. Epstein as I look forward in becoming a successful Health and Wellness Coach .

Paul Chisholm

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