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Life Coach Certification Courses


To serve this diversity of experiences, backgrounds, and motivations, MY LIFE COACHING CENTER-NY has developed our coach training around twelve specific areas of concentration that you can choose from as a “major” during your training: Corporate Coaching Executive Coaching Life Coaching Transition Coaching Health and Wellness Coaching Professionals Coaching Business Coaching Relationship Coaching Family Addiction Coaching Food Addiction Coaching Recovery Coach Sober Coach Addiction Coach - This specialized training prepares you to focus on the segment of clients who you will most enjoy coaching. Some students take it even further after selecting one of the ten concentrations by then developing a highly specialized niche of their own. For example, there are coaches that help peoplethere are coaches that help people: Plan overseas retirement. Advocate for themselves during a health crisis, such as cancer. Care for aging parents without being overwhelmed. Survive their children’s teen years. Successfully navigate and recover from a breakup or divorce. Once you develop your niche in the personal or business world your training will guide you in the exciting world of coaching.

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  • Dr.Jami Epstein

    Dr.Jami Epstein


Coaching, $100.00


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