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About Me

As a Therapist Professional Coach and Trainer, I am truly aligned with my life purpose. I define that as being actively and passionately engaged in my commitment to assist others with uncovering their pure , authentic , happy and healthy self. Ultimately, my goal is to help my clients to discover a new way of life: a life of purpose and a life worth living.
My mission is to facilitate a long lasting lifestyle adjustment through positive changes in attitudes, behaviors and thinking by way of developing sustainable goals, actionable steps, and hands on tools for healthier mind, body, and spirit. I meet each client where they are at this moment in their life and provide the resources, tools to encouragement , support , and navigation they need in order to develop the life slicks necessary to achieve a rewarding and successful future.
I have a custom - tailored  and holistic  coaching approach to all the various types of issues that I address which includes , but is not limited to drug/alcohol addictions. I also offer a wide range of mental health issues including personality and mood disorders, eating disorders, divorce, life transitions, domestic violence and trauma. Additionally, I work closely in collaboration with a clinical team to provide the best , most effective support possible for each client.
As a coach, I am a truth teller, role model and mentor, problem solver, resource broker, advocate, and lifestyle consultant. I help steer the client through life’s everyday challenges, offering emotional support, guidance, education, inspiration, structure, discipline and a road map for creating and sustaining a fulfilling life of physical and emotional wellness and serenity

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